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I know You have been fantasizing about this dream career and or lifestyle; You've  dabbled in this fantasy by  taking a class or two,  you've even   and made a "pretend" exit strategy.  But now it's time to STOP DABBLING and take BOLD ACTION toward that thing that's stirring on the inside of you!


The reality is you are stuck. Paralyzed by fear of success and fear of failure. Paralyzed by other people's opinions of you.  The truth is the only thing holding you back is YOU!  It's time to release your belief that it's too late or you don't have the luxury of time or that the costs of "starting over" outweigh the benefits of your joy happiness and fulfillment.  The truth is You have a unique gifting that only YOU can contribute and offer the world. And if you don't you will die.  Literally and figuratively. Yes-  I know it sounds harsh but you will.  An unfulfilled purpose not only robs you of your joy but it causes undue stress from misalignment and the constant fight between where you are and where you want to be.   How does that manifest? First as Discontent, then depression,  and if not acknowledged and dealt with, illness and disease and eventually death.  you will join the thousands,  better yet, millions of people in the richest lands on earth- the cemetery.  Do you know why cemeteries are the riches lands on the planet?  Because with those dead bodies are dead dreams and  visions and goals that  were never birthed and if they were birthed,  they weren't nurtured and seen to completion.  And I don't know about you but I absolutely refuse to go out like that.  I want to die empty.  I refuse to leave this life without leaving a legacy.  How about you?


TRUST:  and how do I know?  Because I was there-  misaligned and struck with disease.  also because I worked with cancer survivors And one of the top character traits of those survivors were women who put everyone and everything above the joy and fulfillment.   what i know.. When you choose you,  when you say yes to yourself, the entire Universe conspires in your favor to being about that which you have decided.  I took the risk of uprooting myself and moved to the East Coast to meet you, because my purpose demanded that it me so.   And the risk has paid off in so many ways! How? I want to partner with you on your journey toward a fulfilled purpose... Toward waking up in the morning, well rested, feeling like a winner.


And now are you ready to say YES to your desires, passions and purpose?  Are you ready to revive your flatlined purpose?  Are you ready to wake up in the morning full of energy feeling like a winner?


This change process takes courage.  And the first step to recognizing this is saying YES! to yourself. 

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