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Too many people have a desk drawer in their soul filled with unrealized dreams. It takes courage to try something new or to pursue something that seems difficult or risky. It feels safer to sit behind a desk and to imagine the possibilities but never act on them.


Coaching helps you answer the questions that keep you up at night.

Coaching provides you with tools to overcome stumbling blocks: fear, worry, procrastination and the dreaded “who do you think you are?” gremlin.


It is a partnership. We work together to discuss, work-through and co-create action steps that support your growth and empowerment. My job is to listen and ask question that unearth your inner genius so that you can expand your horizons and achieve the results and outcomes that you want!


Together, we will explore some of the following:

  • Identifying your dreams, goals and desires

  • Understanding what gets in your way

  • Creating a roadmap to success

  • Changing your story so that it reflects that of an empowered, thriving spiritual being and not a victim of circumstance.


Working with a coach will illuminate the possibilities and expand them, leaving you with the tools and awareness to carry you through your purpose, destiny,


As a coach, it is important for me to know how you view the world and how you view yourself in it. I will ask you questions to understand what you value and cherish. I will even ask about things that frighten you and make you uncomfortable because I am all about “discomfort for the sake of growth.” Think of it like this: that last quarter mile stretch at the marathon or during your morning treadmill walk, or that last series of asanas or yoga poses are always the most worth it. Yes, it hurts, but you know that the payoff at the end is both exciting and beneficial.


I invite you to open doors that you haven’t yet noticed. I will encourage you to step inside, to look around and explore any opportunities you might have overlooked or possibilities you didn’t see at first.


I will support you in doing what you want to do. Together, we will excavate your true desires and discover your intrinsic values that will inspire you to action. I call this process “destiny architecture”. We construct the framework for success by building on your authentic individual voice and laying the foundation for lasting personal transformation. The process is indelible, and able to change you permanently for the better!



A Personal Cheerleader: I’m here with you, thinking about you, being honest, and cheering you on. Working with me you will receive a fresh and experienced set of eyes and ears, focusing on your goals, strategizing and generating ideas for you while we are not together!


A Gameplan: A clear map of how to get where you are now to where you want to be: successful job, successful relationships, living in wealth and abundance! Your life and all aspects can be improved, from your love life, your family life, and even how you think about yourself.


Happiness-Enhancing Tools: each and every time you interact with me, whether by video, email or in person, you are sure to have a tool in hand to lay a foundation of happiness.


Continuous Aha! Moments: Our coaching journey is sure to be filled with light bulbs, giggles and duh moments as you obtain a deeper understanding of yourself.


Confident Inner-Knowing: As Henry David Thoreau said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” All the above elements of coaching allow you to know that you are a powerful, creative being that has the ability to design the exact life you want.


Shared Value: Know that your presence adds great value to my life as I learn just as much by working with you as you me.

Most importantly, you will be a believer … in yourself.

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