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The secret ingredient to the Isabella hydrotherapy blend is our heaven-sent rose-water spray.  Isabella spray is made from distilled water infused with rose essential oil, chrysocolla gemstone essence, and the Isabella signature fragrance. This elegant floral bouquet is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re the most beauty-full girl in the world.  Use as a body or linen spray, or room refesher in your home or office.



  • Chrysocolla gemstone essence- aligned with the Heart (4th) and Throat (5th) chakras, known as the “Goddess” stone, encourages self-awareness, inner balance, and impart confidence.
  • Rose petals and Rose water - this high-vibe flower cools and soothes, balancing the pH of your skin.  

Isabella Elixir

  • Ingredients

    2 oz.


    Ingredients: Distilled water, Rosa damascena (rose) essential oil, fragrance.

  • Use

    Use as a air freshener, a facial mist, or linen spray.  Shake before each use.

  • Disclaimer

    The use of any LovHer Apothecary Bar hydrotherapy products are considered alternative practice and are not a substitute for traditional/western medical care. Therapies or advice offered are not designed to be a diagnosis or treatment for any disease, injury, or medical condition.  Accordingly, if you any medical or health issues, we strongly recommend that you CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN or HEALTH CARE PROVIDER regarding any medical conditions, especially those who are pregnant and those with high blood pressure.

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