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The LuvHer Story



I had to make a change.   That is when the seeds of my holistic lifestyle practice, Fabulous & Zen were planted.  Ever since then, I have been cultivating a lifestyle of mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  Ritual bathing is one of the practices I adopted as a form of body therapy and healing. 


After my kidney’s relapsed in February 2015, I kicked it up a notch to deal with my many days on the emotional rollercoaster. I used my hydrotherapy blends to keep me emotionally grounded and focused on the goal of getting off the intervention drugs, and I was successful!  I ended treatment 6 months earlier than the doctors anticipated.


On September 30, 2016, I cut my locs in celebration of this victory (and continued that celebration in the US Virgin Islands). When I returned I was renewed, focused, and determined to utilize my brand and platform as a means to assist women in healing their bodies, taking their spiritual power back, and designing a life that’s Fabulous and Zen.



At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  And while in the hospital to have my ovary removed, I was diagnosed with FSGS, a form of chronic kidney disease.  Two surgeries later, myriad doctor visits and needle pokes, rapid weight gain, and depression ensued.  Experiencing a traumatic health crisis, left me in a constant state of fear, that at any moment something else can go wrong-- the loss of my other ovary, or kidney failure.  Then one day I said,


“Enough is enough!” 


Always your LovHer,

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