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It all started when I jumped off the Alpine Tower… this monsterous 34’ wooden giant. I’d never be the same again… but wait, let me back up.


I was at the opening retreat for Leadership Pasadena- an 8-month leadership training in my hometown.  It was warm and windy; anticipation building as we hiked up the hill.  There she was, the Alpine tower.  When I first saw her, I knew I had to go first because I have I look at others doing something ahead of me to see if it’s safe, or to devise a plan/strategy based on what I’ve observed from them (it's all stall tactics, anyway).  Also, looking at others would cause more anxiety if I were to see them struggle, assuming I would struggle as well. So going first was important to me.


Andi, our faciltator, told us that it was up to us whether we went to the top or not. We could pick any level as our goal. So my goal was to make it to the 2nd platform. I would be satisfied if I made it there. In hindsight, it’s a little embarrassing and sad that I didn’t even endeavor to make it to the top. If “how you do anything is how you do everything,” then what does that say about me? I don’t even strive to reach my highest potential? #smh


In addition to my low expectation of myself, I faced a couple obstacles on the way to the top.  


--> Obstacle #1- There were problems that I need to solve; ones that made me uncomfortable and wanted to stop because I tried like 1.5 solutions and wanted to give up. But I hadn’t even made it to the first platform. So I knew I had to continue. I looked around and found a least obvious resource and was able to move forward.




--> Obstacle #2- I made it to the first platform of the tower, then the fear of climbing to a higher altitude got hold of me (my goal looked too far away) and I then became complacent. “I made it this far, I’m good.” With more coaching from Andi and the fact that my teammate needed my assistance. I climbed to the next level to help her out. We made it together. “I’ve met my goal, I can come down now,” I thought. Andi then said no one had ever been so close to the top and didn’t go forward.


--> Obstacle #3. I met my goal but thought “yeah, I’m almost here, might as well finish.” So I started to climb and got scared again. I climbed back down and let Erin go ahead of me. Then when Erin, who was more visibly afraid than I, made it, I went and climbed to the top.










Me Before                                                                                                                                      Me After 

Now it’s time for us to come down. We were secure in harnesses which was connected to the facilitator, who was connected to a stake in the  ground. “On 3. 1, 2, 3…nope… I’m not doing it”. After some moments of self talk, Erin scooted off the end of the tower and was lowered down by our coaches. I, on the other hand, remained. After much coaching, cheerleading, encouragement,  and reasons why I should jump off. I looked and said “I’m not moving.” But some magical words came from Andi, in a moment of frustration said “you’re taking up too much time, people are waiting for you!” Something just clicked. “She’s right, people are waiting on me.” An instant replay of a sermon I recently heard pointing to how when we line up with God’s purpose for our lives, there are people who are waiting, lined up behind us, to be healed, delivered, and set free. Then, I jumped.


And here I am jumping, leaping and designing my life- one that is Fabulous and Zen!  And I want you to join me as we take one small jump for ourselves and a giant leap toward our destiny!


Will you join me?
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